First HRMS with accreditation in Hong Kong: IPL HRMS is now ISO 20000 certified

January 30, 2018

IPL HRMS, flagship human resources management (HRM) software of C&T, was granted the ISO 20000-1:2011 certification by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in December 2017 for its excellence in human resources service management, delivery and operation. Among the companies who are ISO 20000-1:2011 certified in Hong Kong, IPL HRMS is the only certified provider of HRM software products. 

The ISO 20000 based on the ITIL V3 framework is considered the foremost IT service management standard in the world, which enables organizations to ensure their processes are aligned with the needs of the business, customers and international best practices. The requirements include the provision of the design, development, support and maintenance services of Human Resource Management System for fulfilling agreed levels of IT services. 

“The ISO 20000 certification is an important milestone, representing our effort in doing everything to deliver and maintain high-quality human resources management software and related services,” said Derek Cheung, CEO of C&T. “To us, it is not just to verify our profession, but to set a higher standard in the field of HRMS. Providing best-of-breed software products is always our mission to enable customers to run their business and operation better.”


The certification demonstrated IPL HRMS has the controls and procedures in place to deliver effective, quality IT services to its customers consistently. The dedicated hard work of the IPL HRMS team to drive quality processes unveils a new era of world-class human resources management software solutions and related services with best practices for the goodwill of the industry.