Our Profile

IPL HRMS is a market-leading human resources management (HRM) and payroll application software suite of IPL Research Limited (IPL). Aiming to support medium to large enterprises to manage and mobilize their workforce, it is designed as the most practical HRM solution to cater for the unique business and compliance requirements for operating in Hong Kong and various other regions around the world. 

With over 25 years of history since 1989, IPL HRMS has served over 400 enterprise customers spreading over various major cities around the globe. With a majority of its customers from Fortune-500 and Global-500 multinational companies, IPL HRMS is the preferred partner of choice for many enterprise-class customers sourcing for HRM solutions specialized for their business operations.

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 IPL HRMS is the preferred partner of choice for many enterprise-class customers



Our Awards & Recognitions


  • China Outstanding Software Product Award
    Awarded by the China Software Industry Association (CSIA) for three consecutive years to recognize its standing as one of this nation's top software products, illustrating its distinguished position in the HRM industry.


  • Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macau Information Technology Award
    Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macau IT Award
    Awarded by Shenzhen Information Software Association, Hong Kong Software Industry Association and Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center in recognition of the achievements of IPL HRMS in the three noted regions.


  • China International Software & Information Service Industry Annual Award
    Recognized as one of the year's most competitive software products at China International Software & Information Service Fair, the only national level software fair approved by the State Council of China.


  • The Hong Kong ICT Awards: Best Business (Product) Silver Award
    HKICT Award
    Became the first solution solely dedicated to HRM to win an award in the Best Business (Product) award stream, affirming distinguished standing of IPL HRMS among industry peers and customers.


  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
    Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
    Highest level of Microsoft partner program accolades, based on the proven track record of IPL HRMS and its competence in leveraging Microsoft technologies to provide highly cost-effective HRM solutions.