IPL HRMS is a Human Resources Management System that aims to facilitate enterprises, particularly medium to large sized, to manage and mobilize their workforces. Designed with multi-currency and multi-company structure, it is the most practical HRM solution that caters for unique operation requirements of businesses in various regions around the world.

The IPL HRMS system features three families of modules, Core (for HR), Self-Service (for employees & managers) and Advanced, working in high synergy to consolidate and streamline HR management processes with high automation, enhancing accuracy, consistency and efficiency while reducing operational costs.


IPL HRMS Consultant Team is one of the most talented, trained and experienced in the industry with both technical expertise and HR domain knowledge. When accomplishing the project, they are able to draw from their past successful experience to systematically create an all-round solution that will satisfy the specific requirements of our clients.

In addition, IPL HRMS provides regular training to the consultants, so they can keep abreast with the latest technological developments and conform to the changes in the HR landscape. Our Consultant Team will help clients implement HR decisions and accommodate to the changes in corporate and government policies.