IPL HRMS is a unique solution worth applying by every enterprise. The full-scale combination of comprehensive modules, particularly a powerful payroll engine, makes IPL HRMS more than an HRM platform. It enables expanded and enhanced use of the existing system with its high scalability and flexible integration with ERP systems. It prioritizes HR efficiency gain with mobility yet not compromising security, which is of paramount importance for HR management.


Comprehensive modules

  • All-in-one solution for managing all aspects of human resources, from onboarding, leave and payrolls to appraisal, training & development, separation, etc.
  • Automation of calculation and mission critical procedures helps improve data accuracy and streamline process
  • Useful data extracted from across modules for analysis and strategic goal setting

Powerful payroll engine

  • Support ORSO, MPF, medical insurance and taxation
  • Cater for statutory minimum and daily/ monthly average wages
  • Compliant with labour ordinances in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China

Scalable design

  • Provide additional modules that are ready for direct adoption in Macau, Mainland China, etc. in precise compliance with local labour ordinances, tax policies, etc.
  • Facilitate quick launches of new branches and subsidiaries in Macau, Mainland China, etc.
  • Support continuous growth and expansion of the company with standard level of service and efficiency

Strong integration

  • Integrated with world-class ERP systems including Oracle PeopleSoft, SAP, Workday and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Furnished with VITOVA document management software of C&T for enhanced data sharing
  • Support seamless data integration with cloud synchronization

Secure system

  • Offer sophisticated security features including Access Control and Audit Log
  • Ensure data integrity with check-in and check-out procedures, compliant with legal regulations

Mobile prioritized

  • Provide mobile-enabled self-services through cloud-synced apps designed for latest iOS and Android devices
  • Enable intuitive usage of HR functions particularly leave enquiry, application and approval anytime, anywhere
  • Support and engage HR personnel, employees and managers by improving efficiency and flexibility