Why you need workflow engine in your talent management

October 15, 2018

In human resources management, a series of repeatable tasks makes up an operation workflow. One of the examples is the recruitment process in talent management. The process starts with recruitment planning and ends with review. Hundreds of small tasks should be performed to complete a certain process. It takes time and resources since the information has to go through different departments. Without a proper design of the workflow that defines the order of execution and the conditions through which the tasks should be processed, it will become a huge barrier for a company in optimizing HR management.

With a predefined workflow, the next step is to keep track of the progress and ensure all tasks are completed correctly. Task routing automation is critical. Whenever the first step in a workflow is completed, there should be a notification to whoever's in charge of the next step according to the plan. Information sharing, real-time process tracking and timely analysis also should be taken into consideration. And that's why we need technology to help.

Functions of workflow engine
A workflow engine (also known as “workflow system”, “workflow software” or “workflow application”) is a technology which allows a company to automate, rationalize and power up different processes. More importantly, it can enhance the whole process properly. For example, in hiring process, the HR manager can pre-set deadlines of selecting suitable candidates, arranging interviews and making job offers to encourage departments to act in a timely manner. A workflow engine can play the role as a hub to connect actions and involved parties.

A well-designed workflow engine should have numerous features:

  • GUI-based workflow designer
  • Conditional task routing
  • Event handling for different scenarios
  • Configurable auto-notification with different channels (e.g. mobile app, email and SMS)
  • User-defined structure mapping
  • Pre-built approval flow with customizable forms

A workflow engine should be able to put all functions together and provide a fast, efficient and money-saving way to completing talent management process. The benefit of using a workflow engine is far beyond what you can image. It's never too late to start the first step to maximize your company's efficiency in talent management. Are you ready for the change?


Erik Kwok, Head of R&D, C&T