The IPL HRMS Self-Service modules are designed specifically for Employees, Managers or both to enable the most precise interfaces and functions for those who need them.

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Staff Portal

► Employee    ► Manager

A central point for employees, managers, HR and management to interact and have quick access to the company’s general information and latest news. A wide range of services includes but not limited to:

  • Company Directory
  • Company Event Timetable
  • Internal News Announcement
  • Orientation Info
  • Staff Survey


► Employee   ► Manager   ► Mobile  

Empower employees with ownership of their own career development by allowing online updating and viewing of personal records, such as pay-slips and tax forms


► Employee   ► Manager   ► Mobile  

Enable employees' direct access to functions including balance enquiry and leave application via online platform, enjoying employee benefits in self-service manner with more convenience and faster service responses


► Employee   ► Manager

Employees can submit claims in a self-service manner via online platform to promote faster transactions while enforcing compliance at every level


► Employee   ► Manager

Enable employees' direct access to functions including claiming of overtime work via online platform, with compensation calculated by leave or by payment


► Employee   ► Manager

Enable online performance review with functions of training & development and salary review, facilitating alignment of organizational and individual goals


► Employee   ► Manager

Enable employees' work time reporting & tracking and schedule management, across multiple departments, projects and clients regardless of their physical locations


► Employee   ► Manager

Allow easy processing of many procurement procedures via online platform with improved accuracy and efficiency

Headcount Budgeting

► Manager

Structured, decentralized budgeting module, supporting both bottom-up headcount driver-based budgeting and top-down client budgeting for headcount & salary costs

BI Reporting

► Manager   ► Mobile

Get scattered data of employees always intelligence-ready to fulfill managers' instant reporting and analysis needs